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Recently updated titles: Version: Manual: Purpose:
RAMFS 1.20 Yes Support ROM for 8 megabyte RAM disc hardware which you can make Updated
LONGFS 0.51 Yes Additional ROM image to give Acorn DFS 10 letter filename support Updated
SNAPIT 1.21 Yes Grab the whole 32k memory map to disc Updated
Other titles: Version: Manual: Purpose:
DRDIR 1.15 Yes Intercepts *DRIVE commands reissues *DIR (ROM or RAM patch) Unchanged
HELPTEXT 1.00 Yes Prettyprint (compressed help text) support for the BBC micro Unchanged
VDFStext 1.05 Yes Improved Virtual DFS for Michael Borcherd's !6502Em Unchanged
WEBBC 0.20 Yes A ROM based web browser for the BBC micro series Unchanged

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