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Recently updated titles: Version: Manual: Purpose:
COPYFILES 2.60 Yes For copying one or more files between filing systems (from the Master series welcome disc)Updated
Other titles: Version: Manual: Purpose:
ABC-S 1.05 Yes A slow BASIC alphasorter, see also ABC-M and ABC-FUnchanged
BBCISS7 1.25 Yes Locates parts on an BBC micro issue 7 board Unchanged
CALCEXE 1.00 Yes Graphical calculator and equations solverUnchanged
CATALL 1.00 Yes Recursively catalogues an entire drive Unchanged
HUFFSTAT 1.00 Yes Calculates the potential compression of data using Huffman encoding Unchanged
IMGHEAD 1.00 Yes Turns the header of GIF and JPEG images back into English Unchanged
IMGTODFS 1.00 Yes Writes an emulator's SSD or DSD disc image back to a real DFS formatted disc Unchanged
MORSE 1.05 Yes Turns text into Morse code pips at various speedsUnchanged
PICKANO 1.00 Yes Chinese 'mind reader' puzzle Unchanged
RLESTAT 1.00 Yes Calculates the potential compression of data using a form of RLE compression Unchanged
SETATTR 1.05 Yes Sets a file's attributes without loading it Unchanged
UNZIP 1.20 Yes Opens PKZIP files (NB: This is tokenised BBC BASIC)Unchanged
WINEDIT 1.08 Yes RISC OS style scrolling text field functionUnchanged

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