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Recently updated titles: Version: Manual: Purpose:
OSWORDDETECT 1.07 Yes Detects whether Doomsday will work with your setup Updated
CMOSRAM 1.15 Yes Used for backing up *configure settings Updated
Other titles: Version: Manual: Purpose:
27KASM 1.01 Yes Assembles machine code straight to disc Unchanged
£SIGNUSER 1.10 Yes Makes pound signs appear on screen/printer properly Unchanged
ABC-M 1.00 Yes A medium speed 6502 m/c alphabetical sorter, see also ABC-S Unchanged
ABC-F 1.00 Yes A fast 6502 m/c alphabetical sorter, see also ABC-S Unchanged
ALARM 1.00 Yes Background alarm clock for BBC Master series Unchanged
ASCEDIT 1.00 Yes Hexadecimal file editor for the BBC (20k limit) Unchanged
CLIDUSER 1.11 Yes Application to read and log incoming calls on a caller display unitUnchanged
CORRUPT 1.05 Yes Stops games writers using *FX200,3 (corrupt memory) Unchanged
CWDIR 1.20 Yes A RAM patch to report the current directory Unchanged
DRDIR 1.15 Yes Intercepts *DRIVE commands reissues *DIR (ROM or RAM patch) Unchanged
DUMPCLI 1.00 Yes Prints out all CLI commands being processed, for debugging purposes Unchanged
GRABROM 1.50 Yes Utility to save paged ROM images of 8k or 16k in sizeUnchanged
LISTFIX 1.30 Yes Fixes the BASIC II LISTO bug Unchanged
LISTO8 1.10 Yes New list option to separate multiline (':') BASIC statements Unchanged
M0EDIT 3.05 Yes Graphical screen editor for MODE 0 images Unchanged
OSTYPE 1.00 Yes Returns a 'false' machine id Unchanged
PRNFILE 1.00 Yes Puts all printer output to a disc file instead of the printer Unchanged
RAMDUMP 1.00 Yes Displays a block of memory in the form of *DUMP Unchanged
RDPHROM 1.15 Yes Reads the contents of the Acorn speech PHROM chip (TMS6100) Unchanged
RELOCN 1.00 Yes Shuffles games (etc...) off tape down in memory so they can be loaded off discUnchanged
REPEAT 1.00 Yes Re-types the last *command you used like F3 does in DOSUnchanged
RFSHEAD 1.16 Yes Makes ROM filing system images ready to put onto sideways EPROM or speech PHROMUnchanged
ROMLOAD 1.10 Yes Will try to load SWR images on any 8 bit Acorn Unchanged
ROMSAVE 1.00 Yes Saves any sideways image to the current filing system Unchanged
RWSHEILA 1.00 Yes Patch to improve reliability/speed of reading 'Sheila' from the 2nd processor Unchanged
SLIMDFS 1.00 Yes Reduces 'PAGE' to &1300 but keeps DFS functionality Unchanged
SSAVER 1.15 Yes Screen saver for your machine - screen restored by any event Unchanged
STARBAS 1.00 Yes Converts ordinary BASIC programs into commands which can be *RUNUnchanged
TRAPVEC 1.11 Yes Watches all calls to a vector, then carrys on Unchanged
UNIVERS 1.00 Yes Adds a universally readable header to DATA filesUnchanged
WRAP 1.00 Yes Source code to demo wordwrapper in machine code Unchanged

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